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Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga at four universities. (The portrait above was drawn by one of his students in 1970.) Then a spiritual rebirth brought him into a real relationship with God and drastically changed his heart, his life and his belief system.  Read his story here.

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A Very Warm Welcome To You!

This site is dedicated to
every seeker of truth.
Our hope is to assist you in your quest.

Together we will explore the beliefs of the eleven main living religions,
as well as numerous other religions, sects and teachers.

As we examine these worldviews, we will
discover both amazing similarities and evident contradictions.
We may not always agree on final conclusions,
but we can all agree on initial questions - the questions that echo
within the heart of collective humanity:

"Who am I?" - "How did I get here?" - "Why am I here?"-"Where am I going?"

These oft-spoken words bind us together - regardless of race, culture or religion -
for there is a common cry within the hearts of all men.

Before we even discover the answers, just asking the questions connects us, not only with each other, but with the real meaning of life. Yes, it is true -

"Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a
man has found God, and been found by God, he begins at no
beginning and works to no end."
- H. G. Wells

So true spirituality is the alpha and omega of earthly existence, because -

"He who has no vision of eternity has no hold on time."
- Thomas Carlyle

TheTrueLight.Net is all about this very thing - sharing with thirsty pilgrims
a "vision of eternity," that will enable them to have a
"hold on time" - an ability to 'grip' life with deep love,
abiding peace, strong confidence and passionate purpose.

Does this sound appealing? If so, you may want to continue.

The breath of inspiration awaits you.

Encountering God


Co-authored by Sid Roth
and Mike Shreve

Order your copy today!



You will be inspired by these ten amazing stories---extreme seekers who walked different paths in life, yet shared one common passion: love for the truth. They knew religion could never satisfy their thirst. They longed for true spirituality and the unveiling of Ultimate Reality.

  •  Robin Harfouche explored the psychic realm and became a rising star in Hollywood with the help of a spirit guide.
  • Stanley Petrowski was a leader in The Summit Lighthouse, working closely with New Age leaders, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
  • Michael Graham was a disciple of Swami Muktananda and a prominent teacher of the Avatar® Course.
  • Sid Roth practiced psychic mind control.
  • Laurette Willis taught Hatha Yoga and devoted herself to the study of metaphysical concepts like Universal Mind, Course in Miracles and Urantia.
  • Rafi Cohen was deeply involved with the Edgar Cayce Foundation (A.R.E.), then left everything to follow Sai Baba, a well known Indian guru.
  • Mike Shreve was a student of Yogi Bhajan and taught Kundalini Yoga at four universities.
  • Vail Carruth trained under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.
  • Jean LaCour journeyed through LSD, yoga, Rosicrucianism, the teachings of Aleister Crowley (Magick) and remote, mountaintop, communal living projects.
  • John Alper pursued the teachings of Yogananda (Self-Realization Fellowship).

Why were these stories combined in one book? Because they all finally received a similar supernatural awakening, a spiritual rebirth through the Lord Jesus Christ, that dramatically changed the course of their lives. Not only did they seek the truth; THEY FOUND IT!



Price: $16.99

 Thought-provoking articles about intriguing religious topics