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Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga at four universities. (The portrait above was drawn by one of his students in 1970.) Then a spiritual rebirth brought him into a real relationship with God and drastically changed his heart, his life and his belief system.  Read his story here.

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Kenneth Pinto's Story

Astrology, Hypnosis and Palmistry

I was born in a Roman Catholic family. I am also of Anglo-Indian heritage, a community in India, birthed by the intermarriage of the European and British colonists. I was a very devote catholic and as an alter boy, assisted the priest everyday at ‘Mass’. I had a great desire to become a catholic priest. Coming from a westernized Community, my social life comprised of music, dancing, socials and parties. In my teens I got involved in the ‘Beatnik’ hippy Fashions. In course of time religion was out the door. Most of the neighborhood, who did not have any real biblical standard, did not notice any great difference and always said ‘Ken is a good boy’.

Deep inside, I was going through great turmoil. The thoughts and questions in my mind were opposite in contrast to the statements people said about me. I was not the rebellious, violent, alcohol and drug abusing teenager. Though I did take alcohol at parties and social gatherings. In search of how to read the mind of a person, I got involved in the study and practice of Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology and Phrenology. I became very popular at youth parties. My next stage was the study and practice of Hypnotism. I used hypnosis to help youth out of their drug, alcohol, nicotine addictions, phobias and manias. I performed for Law Colleges, Medical doctors and psychologists. I practiced various forms of Yoga to maintain a sharp mind. Though I had much honor in every place I performed, deep inside me there was no real happiness or peace.

One day in October 1974, I was invited by a friend to a ‘Gospel Meeting’. Gospel Meetings were something I considered were not for Roman Catholics. I was a devote Catholic. What intrigued me was that the preacher was an Anglo-Indian, My friend who invited me to the Gospel Meeting was an alcoholic and I noticed a great change in him after he attend the Meetings. I went to that Gospel Meetings to see what the preacher offered that was greater than Hypnotism. That day I witnessed the living CHRIST in action. People claimed that they were healed, many hard hearts were changed and demons were cast out. For the first time, I believed that the Bible was the ‘Word of God’. Two months later in December of 1974, Evangelist Barry Moore of Canada conducted an Evangelistic Gospel Crusade in Bangalore.

In those services, I surrendered my heart to Jesus, and accepted Jesus as my personal savior and Lord. A short while Later in response to the ministry of Assembly of God Evangelist David Grant, I dedicated my life to witness and preach about the risen Jesus Christ. Almost immediately my ministry as an Evangelist commenced. My first fruit was Barbara, the young lady I was engaged to marry. Barbara was saved in July of 1976. We were married on the 12th February 1977. Soon my mother, sister and brother were saved. My brother Leslie Pinto now pastors one of our branch churches in Kerala. My father came to the LORD in 1986 and I had the privilege of baptizing him. In 1977 a Local church started growing in my home. People began to come every Sunday to learn ‘The Word’. The Local Church ‘ZION FELLOWSHIP’ grew from our two room humble dwelling to meet in several rented buildings. ‘PRAISE THE LORD’

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